Welcome Applicants

Our goal is to be a resource for you as you navigate through the business school process and answer any questions you may have, ranging from wondering if business school is right for you, to selecting the right school, to application-specific questions.

Out4Biz works with the Wharton Admissions team to hold several LGBTQ+ events, which are listed below.  Pick the events that's closest to you or fill out a form to arrange an on-campus visit or phone call. Please contact us early and often as you research, prepare your applications, visit, and make a final decision about business school. 

LGBT Admissions Receptions

"Check Us Out": Out4Biz attends "Check Us Out" LGBTQ+ admissions events late each summer in San Francisco and early each fall in New York. Check back soon for the 2018 schedule.

ROMBA: Wharton attends the pre-MBA fair at ROMBA each year and will be at ROMBA in Atlanta in 2019. 



LGBT Student Visit Day

Wharton MBA Admissions and Out4Business hosts two LGBTQ+ Visit Days each year; one in Fall and one in Spring.

Come see why Wharton's supportive community has made Out4Business the largest LGBT business-school club in the country, with over 800 members! 

Visit Wharton


We invite you to visit Wharton anytime during the academic year (September - April).  In addition to normal admissions programming, we will be happy to meet you for coffee or help you explore LGBTQ+ life in Philadelphia.  If you are unable to visit campus, we also would love to chat with you over the phone.  Fill out our form and we will be in contact with you to arrange what works best for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

We love hearing from prospective students, but if you're not quite ready to reach out yet please take a look at our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Are many people out at Wharton? 

While the number of LGBTQ+ students varies from year to year, there are over 60 comfortably out students at Wharton. Meanwhile, there are well over 630 members in Out4Business.

I'm not all the way out of the closet, will I be able to comfortably participate in Out4Business events? 

Out4Business recognizes that people are at different stages of coming out, and participating in our group does not mean you have to be out or even gay. The presence of active allies and students in different stages of coming out all help to make the group a comfortable place for everyone.

Will my girlfriend or boyfriend be welcome at Wharton Events?

Yes, the Wharton community is very inclusive of all students' partners! You will find that your Learning Team and Cohort will be asking to meet your partner if you don't bring them out.

Should I be out on my application?

Designating yourself as LGBTQ+ on your application will not positively or negatively affect your chance for admission. It's put on the application so that Out4Business can reach out to prospective and admitted students to talk about our activities and answer any questions that may come up. This information is not shared with anyone outside of Admissions and the leadership of Out4Business. It's considered to be extremely confidential information, so you have no fear of being "outed" due to your application.